What benefits can I expect?

New Tech Integrated

Keeping adding things new is our source of energy to get the software fresh and young. Our experts and staff are focusing on the newest technologies and doing their best to make the new stuff available to our users.

Intuitive UI & Features

Simple interface is what makes a good application even better. Our software is designed with ease of use in mind and we try to make it easy even for a kid. The features are also straightforward, without reduction in their ability.

Free & Safe

Our software is free to use, without any form of cost. We don't require your registration, or even email address. It is totally safe to use our products, without disturbing of adware, spyware, bloatware and other malware.

Ongoing Support

When you download and get started using our software, it's just a start. We don't leave you helpless and alone. You can get tons of tutorials on our website and meantime, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Awards & Testimonials


  • Softonic

    Editor's Choice
    Super-fast CD/DVD burner application. Large amount of great options for audio CD burning/ripping, video DVD burning & ISO images processing. For users who are looking for an awesome all-in-one CD/DVD ripping & creation and ISO processing tool, Free Burning Studio is a good choice
  • SoftPedia

    5 Ratings
    For software that is free, Free Burning Studio offers all the necessary burning functions found in commercial software - burn data, video, music and everything else to CD/DVD, and ISO processing function is also provided
  • BrotherSoft

    Editor's Pick
    Actually Free Burning Studio is a combination of many powerful CD/DVD/ISO tools - audio CD burner/ripper, video DVD creator, data CD/DVD burner as well as ISO maker/burner/ripper and more. It is totally all-in-one software solution to accomplish the disc jobs comprehensively and completely
  • Download 3000

    The interface is nice and clean. Options are grouped together quite well that we are able to find the right tool for our desired task by one click and the appropriate application will be launched. It's obvious that the producers of Free Burning Studio wanted their software to be used with ease by many people. Overall, a nice job with the UI


  • Austin Robeson

    A popular utility that effectively burns my different kind of work files - multimedia, bootable and image files to data CD/DVD and create ISO image from my those work files. Does exactly what it says it will, seamlessly and without effort. I would be very glad if I could also help you to improve it. Congratulations for your work
  • Dennis Marsden

    Till last week I used another CD/DVD burner software. I discovered your product on a website and I decided to try it immediately. I have to tell you that since the first moment I use Free Burning Studio I really felt in love with it. Your software has all the qualities I waited for such a product
  • Rick Bullington

    I am now a fan and supporter of Free Burning Studio which is a perfect audio ripper tool. All the music I own has been set free from my music CD. I can listen to it on whatever player I choose NOW
  • Med Hilsen

    Great! Thanks! As I said - I am very happy with your software and use it often. I must say that I cannot think of anything that your software already can do. It is easy, fast and makes a good quality CD/DVD. I have recommended a lot of my friends on the program. Again - thanks for your great work - and keep up with the good work


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Download Free Burning Studio! 100% Safe and free. Uninstaller provided to remove it from your PC in case you want it uninstalled.

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How to Burn Data CD/DVD?

If you need to back up, transfer or share data files, burning data to a CD/DVD is a versatile option that works for many computer users. Free Burning Studio has the ability to burn text files, PDFs, images, spreadsheets and other data onto a blank CD-R, CD-RW or DVD with ease.

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How to Create Audio CD?

With Free Burning Studio, you have the capability of burning CDs of your favorite songs. Just fill a blank CD with the songs of your choice. The process typically only takes a few minutes and the CD will work on any CD player or DVD player. You can even use the CDs on most gaming consoles, such as the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3.

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How to Copy Audio CD?

One of the joys of owning an MP3 player is that it allows the owner to take a large portion of her music collection wherever she goes. In order to move your music collection to the portable player, you must use audio CD ripper software to extract or rip the audio data from your CDs first. Free Burning Studio is a program that can be used to rip music from a CD so that you can transfer them to an MP3 player for enjoyment anywhere you like.

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How to Create Video DVD?

You have captured the recordings of your life's important events with full color, movement and sound and want to burn them on a DVD for preservation and distribution? Free Burning Studio is a powerful and handy tool to create movie DVD, Video CD (MPEG 1) or Super Video CD (MPEG 2) from almost all formats of video files with high quality in smaller size to play on many standalone DVD players.

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How to Make ISO Images?

An ISO file is an archive, or "image" file. ISO files may be created from groups of files on a hard drive. The ISO image maintains the original file structure while zipping or compressing files contained in the image to save disk space. ISO is an acronym for the International Organization for Standardization. Originally, the ISO file was specified as ISO9660 as the file system standard for a CD. The name ISO has come to include DVD image data as well. Free Burning Studio allows you to make ISO image from your files & folders to backup all the important data.

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How to Rip ISO from CD/DVD?

What would you like to do if you have many delicate and expensive game CDs or personal home movies full of memories on DVDs but be afraid of disaster falls upon those specific CDs/DVDs? A perfect way to back up your games or home DVDs is to save them onto your computer hard drive as an ISO file, which is an exact duplicate of a disc, containing all its contents. You can use a program such as Free Burning Studio to accomplish the task.

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How to Burn ISO to CD/DVD?

The ISO file is a complete copy of a CD or DVD condensed into a single file. If you have Free Burning Studio installed on your computer, you can use it to burn an ISO file containing a computer game or utility, or your favorite film or music collections to a CD or DVD with lightning speed.

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Who Are We?

TechWizard Soft, founded in 2005, is a software development company with expertise and experience in audio, video & image processing applications. We designed innovative and useful tools to enable users of all levels to easily and quickly process their files. All products have been tested for quality assurance. And our multifunctional software products & high quality service have earned high reputation in these years. We will continue to provide more powerful and professional software and best services to end users.

Customer Focus

We understand that every customer has unique needs and desires. We are always developing the software on the basis of the customer's functional specification. It is also possible for us to create something completely new based upon the customer's general ideas. We work closely with every customer to ensure that the software created is the software you need.


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